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Educational opportunities

Everyone faced with a question of post-school education in his life. It’s one of the most important decisions in your life, so you should think a lot. Before people leave school, they understand that the time to choose their future profession has already come.
Someone goes further in his education and enter an institute, university or college. Other can start a working career, go into business. If we want to get a professional training, we can enter a technical college. There are a huge number of professions to choose.

If you choose further education you have different ways for study after secondary education. First way it’s college. If you leave the school after 9th grade in Ukraine you can enter the college and study by specialization: medical, technical, pedagogical etc. Vocational education gives less hours for basic subjects, but more hours for the specialized training. If you study all educational years, you graduate and have a degree of a bachelor. But also, after two years of studying you can change college or even enter a university. College helps you not to waste your time at school, if you already know your future profession. Besides, colleges are much cheaper than institutes or universities.

The second way it’s university. University provides education in different disciplines, they also provides specialization. For example one university offers BA, B Com and B Sc, all these courses are undergraduate courses and all are of three totally different disciplines. As you can see BA (Bachelor of Arts) is a course under discipline of arts or humanities, B Com (Bachelor of Commerce) is a course under discipline of commerce and B Sc (Bachelor of Science) is a degree course comes under the discipline of Science. The most important thing is that university always provides degree courses, but now there are some universities that also provide short term diploma and certificate courses. Universities also provide distance learning programs for exchange pupils with different countries.

The other way it’s institute. An institute is an educational institution, which provides education mostly in one discipline only, but now there are many institutes which are providing courses in more than one discipline and also providing options of distance learning mode or regular learning. They also provide flexibility in timings of your classes. But institutes are actually those autonomous bodies which provide diploma programs in majority and degree programs in minority, to provide degree programs they have to get affiliation from any university. Basically universities provide degree courses while institutes provide diploma or certificate courses.

Youths enter a university mostly if they want to be candidates of science (PhD) or to work in scientific field of activity and after graduation from university you get master’s degree, but of course, you can have a bachelor’s degree too.

The most famous and prestigious universities are: Oxford University in London, Harvard University in Cambridge, University of Cambridge, Yale University in New Haven, Stanford University etc. But there are many good universities in other European countries like France or Germany, and in USA, Canada. To enter these universities you should have only good marks in your certificate from school, pass exams like IELTS or TOEFL on a high level, have many activities besides education.

Different universities request different level of English. Minimal level it’s B1, but mostly universities demand B2 or even C1. If you know more languages, it increases your chances to enter. You should also have many activities like sport, art, volunteering. The students achieve high results not only in science, but also in activities.  

 Majority of companies want to have staff members with bachelor's or master’s university degree. Having a university degree is utterly urgent for modern humans. Possession of a paper showing that you specialize in a certain sphere is better than nothing.  There are so many ways to choose your future career, but while you are choosing don’t forget about how to do that: evaluate your opportunities and skills and listen to your individuality and your own dreams.  

Training courses

In the educational process it is important to use only the best teaching materials, effective and modern methods and, of course, an individual approach to each student. Our training center can boast of several separate integrated programs designed for both entrants, who make the first steps in the study of applied subtleties, and for those who deepen and improve the knowledge previously acquired.

We will help you solve a whole host of problems quickly and effectively: breaking the language barrier through the use of modern language skills development, you just have no choice but to talk about it; systematization of knowledge of times and situations, explanation of examples of the use of grammar rules. One of the areas is to prepare students for immersion in the language environment when they work in another country, which requires language skills that would provide a sufficient level of communication in the workplace or in the business environment. With us you will not only be able to learn the basics of a foreign language, you can overcome the language barrier, uncertainty in your strength and the fear of making a mistake.

The courses on improving the level of vocational training are intended for those who have decided to change the sphere of activity, to choose a new profession. Such courses are very effective in view of the fact that the state of the network of vocational education institutions is not satisfactory in the country. Therefore, it is often not possible to acquire skills for the development of new professions, and training methods are obsolete. Vocational training with the help of new innovative techniques can significantly reduce the time of theoretical drawing of the material, while giving more attention to the practical part and generally improve the quality of the skills and knowledge acquired. At this stage, the labor professions and the profession of innovation (IT, automation and robotics) are in great demand.

Separately, it is necessary to indicate the direction of improvement of the qualification of teachers, teachers and mentors in the direction of vocational education, advanced training courses, non-formal education, etc. ... The segment of such education has recently undergone development, but still needs attention due to the low level of training of the teachers themselves, which is due to the backlog of the teaching staff in familiarizing and teaching with the new innovative techniques that are rapidly developing in the states of the European Union. One of the main tasks of the initial projects of our center is the study and adaptation of the best world practices for the needs of our country's education.

Computer courses. With such a necessary computer equipment today, you have to communicate "on you"? Yes, this problem is not quite as rarely as you thought. It is not necessary to think that computer literacy training is no longer relevant. Basic training is needed by everyone - from housewives to secretaries, and believe each student, regardless of his primary level of skills, will be able to learn something new from the course. The curriculum is developed according to the classical principle "from simple to more complex", in the process of teaching methodical materials are used, painted an intensive practical workshop. After the course, terms such as "flash drive" or "Excel" will no longer cause you a sad sense of anxiety - you will definitely become a confident user of a personal computer. Courses are an excellent opportunity to hone your skills in practice, as well as help you to understand the many nuances and "pitfalls" that can easily be ignored when studying yourself independently.




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