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The modern system of training of labor specialties in Ukraine is rather extensive and widespread. As of 2010, there were 874 state-owned vocational schools of various types in which more than 423 thousand students studied and over 57 thousand teachers worked. On the basis of the obtained licenses, more than 1 thousand departmental and private educational institutions prepare skilled workers.

The peculiarity of the vocational school is that they mainly train highly skilled workers, whose activities are aimed at reproduction and creation of material culture, the provision of services (electricity, secretaries-clerks, locksmiths, electric gas welders, masonry, plasterers, tile faced tiles, etc.), which on This stage of socio-economic development of Ukraine is rather high demand, but, unfortunately, there is a shortage of real professionals because of the reluctance of graduates of vocational schools to work in specialties. Today, the task of vocational education at the state level is to update the legal framework, to develop vocational education and training, taking into account the European tendencies and the prognostic needs of our state, highlighting both the introduction of the concept of multilevel vocational education, the development and implementation of innovative pedagogical systems and person-oriented technologies.

The main goal of our Center is the adaptation and implementation of the European innovative methods of education and vocational training. On our platform you will be able to get acquainted with the latest training programs, participate in their upgrading and use in the learning process.

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